MDS-Rely Students Win Top Conference Awards

Congratulations to Dan Rakowsky (pictured left), a senior biomedical engineering major, for securing first place in the Best Student Paper Competition for his poster,  “Effects of Aerosol Jet Printing Parameters on the Fabrication of Flexible Circuits”. 

Another congratulation to Sylvie Crowell, a master’s student in material science and engineering, who took the top spot in the Physical Sciences Poster Section at the 65th Annual May Conference in the Microscopy Society of Northeastern Ohio. Her paper was titled, “Characterization of Aging Behavior of Silver Nanoparticle Ink for Aerosol Jet Printing.” 

Both winners are mentored by Dr. Janet Gbur, who leads the “Effects of Aerosol Jet Printing Parameters on the Lifetime Performance of Additively-Manufactured Flexible Circuits” project that you can read about here

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