MDS-Rely Center 2024 Spring Meeting


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Fireside Chat Speakers


Currie Crookston, Global Head Ecosystems, Covestro

Currie is the global head of Ecosystems at Covestro, where he has led several machine learning and algorithmic optimization efforts to expedite R&D activities. His work in applying machine learning to small datasets was recognized with the Covestro Science Award. Currie was previously Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy SEALs and former CEO of PetsDX.  Currie graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the US Naval Academy and an MBA from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.

Sukrit Mukhopadhyay, Research Scientist at Dow

Sukrit Mukhopadhyay, a Research Scientist at The Dow Chemical Company, specializes in designing homogeneous catalysts and formulations through in silico methods, including data science. His expertise spans quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics, statistical methods, QSPR, and machine learning. He developed Smart Search, aiding chemists in finding sustainable alternatives and earning the 2023 Edison Gold Award. Mukhopadhyay has led collaborations with MIT and Caltech and contributed to commercializing materials by developing predictive models for polyurethane foam, part of a project that won the 2024 Edison Gold Award. Additionally, he is an Associate to the Committee on Project SEED with the ACS, promoting STEM education.


  1. Effects of Aerosol Jet Printing Parameters on the Lifetime Performance of Additively-Manufactured Flexible Circuits
    Sylvie Crowell, Prof. Janet Gbur
  2. Non-Invasive Detection of Defects during Coatings Manufacturing
    Sithara Vinod, Prof. Chris Wirth
  3. Achieving Reliable Laser Powder Bed Fusion based Additive Manufacturing via Machine Learning of in-situ Optical Profilometry Monitoring Data
    Haolin Zhang, Prof. Xiayun Zhao
  4. Predictive Framework to Indicate the Age of Plastics for Proper Recycling
    Profs. Metin Karayilan, Divida Mathur, and Sanmukh Kuppannagari
  5. Machine Learning Methods for Optimizing and Innovating Structural Color Paints and Coatings
    Profs. Paul W. Leu, Oliver Hinder, and Jungtaek Kim
  6. Data-driven Analysis of Hydrogen-Degraded, Additive Manufactured Zircaloy
    Profs. Markus Chmielus and Zachary Harris
  7. Enhancing Degradation Analysis and Failure Prediction through Modern Machine Learning Techniques
    Prof. Satish Iyengar


April 16: University of Pittsburgh, University Club (Ballroom B second floor) located at:
123 University Pl, Pittsburgh PA 15213

April 16: Evening activities at Bosch Spark Conference Room, Carnegie Mellon University, Scott Hall 5201.
Hamerschlag Hall, 346 Hamerschlag Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15213


April 17: Carnegie Mellon University, the Singleton Room, located in Roberts Hall:
Hamerschlag Hall, 364 Hamerschlag Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Soldiers and Sailors
Address: 4390 Bigelow Boulevard

Carnegie Mellon CIC Garage
Address: 594 Boundary St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213


The Oaklander Hotel
Address: 5130 Bigelow Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center
Address: 100 Lytton Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15213
Hotel Indigo Pittsburgh University-Oakland
Address: 329 Technology Dr., Pittsburgh PA 15219
Hampton Inn Pittsburgh University/Medical Center
Address: 3315 Hamlet St., Pittsburgh PA 15213