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‣ Professor Xiayun Zhao: Achieving Reliable Laser Powder Bed Fusion based Additive Manufacturing via Machine Learning of in-situ Optical Profilometry Monitoring Data
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‣ Tommy Ciardi, CWRU Masters Student: Collaborative research project with Dr. Lewandowski and Dr. French
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‣ Fall 2022 MDS-Rely Meeting: REGISTER NOW!
‣ Spring 2022 MDS-Rely Meeting Report
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 June 16 - Technical Seminar presented by Christopher L. Wirth
‣ July 11-15 - Web-based workshop: Python for Scientific Computing and TensorFlow for AI, presented by Dr. Stephen Lynch


Joke of the Month!


Achieving Reliable Laser Powder Bed Fusion based Additive Manufacturing via Machine Learning of in-situ Optical Profilometry Monitoring Data

Dr. Xiayun (Sharon) Zhao | Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh | Ph.D & M.S. Georgia Tech, B.S. Tsingua University | ZXY Intelligent Precision - Advanced Manufacturing (ZIP-AM) Laboratory | April 2022

Dr. Xiayun Zhao and her team of researchers are focused on improving the qualification and understanding of metal parts that have been created by the additive manufacturing (AM) process, laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) printing.  Her group integrates fringe projection profilometry (FPP) with LBPF so that important layer-wise surface topography information of the printed geometry can be obtained in real-time.  Machine learning is being developed to qualify the printed part’s surface property or for real-time feedback control. 

ZIP-AM Lab Designed In-situ Monitoring System for Laser Powder Bed Fusion AM

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"Case, for me, sat at the perfect intersection of what I sought in a college. Strong academics with a collaborative, supportive environment."

-Tommy Ciardi

Tommy is currently collaborating on a research project with Dr. John Lewandowski and Dr. Roger French. The title of this project is, "Spatiotemporal Feature Extraction and Full-Scale Analysis of Material Degradation in X-Ray Computed Tomography Scans using Computer Vision and Graph-based Machine Learning".

In this project, Tommy is working on Al-Mg alloy, a popular metal used in the construction of various domains, such as naval ships. Like any material in variable, extreme environmental conditions, however, it degrades over time.  

The project's overall goal is to use machinee learning tools to assess how Al-Mg alloys degrade at a micro-structural level over time and why they degrade in the patterns they do.

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Newsletter article #2

We cordially invite you to attend our Fall MOS-Rely Center Meeting on August 30-31, in-person on the Case Western Reserve Campus.  Attend faculty project pitches, a poster session, and network with PItt and Case faculty and graduate students. 

Center members will have an opportunity to vote on projects.  Please get in touch with us now if you are interested in creating a project with faculty.  

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April 12-13, 2022 - Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you to all of our speakers, organizers, and participants for a successful spring meeting!

We had a great and vibrant meeting in April on Pitt campus with over 60 attendees representing 25 companies/government labs. 

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Imaging Processing Challenges and Opportunities in Specialty Chemicals 

Christopher L. Wirth, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Case Western Reserve University 

 Thursday, June 16th 4:00-5:00PM
Location: *virtual (Zoom)

Abstract: Everyday products – food, cosmetics, personal care, and consumer products – have inherent functionality dominated by interfacial phenomena. Research and development of these products often requires dynamic imaging to probe not only the fundamental physiochemical phenomena driving behavior, but also control quality during the manufacturing process. Our lab has a variety of projects on this spectrum that each tend to rely on imaging to understand the relevant fundamental phenomena or improve the manufacturing process. Image processing (ex. feature identification and tracking) is required as part of this strategy. In this talk, I will describe three projects with opportunities to improve or fundamentally transform the image processing workflow. My aim is to generate discussion on how to adopt existing or develop new tools inherent to the MDS-Rely IUCRC mission. Find out more here.

Web-based Workshop: Python for Scientific Computing and TensorFlow for AI 

Dr. Stephen Lynch, Manchester Metropolitan University in the U.K.

Python for Scientific Computing
Monday July 11 – Wednesday July 13

TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence
Thursday July 14 - Friday July 15

Location: Gardner Steele Conference Center 138  *virtual option

This 5-day, web-based hands-on workshop will be offered June 7-11. Presented by Dr Stephen Lynch of Manchester Metropolitan University in the U.K. This workshop is designed for anyone in the engineering, computing and scientific community who wants to learn how to use Python for Scientific Computing and TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence. Find out more here.

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Interested in partnering with Case Western or Pitt Professors?

Please contact Dr. Roger French or Dr. Paul Leu for more information!


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